Womxn’s March 2017

Simple: there should be a Women’s March every year and it should be a national holiday.

We joined in at the International District area, which was sort of refuge for me as a Asian minority in Seattle. Being in such a nostalgic place and remembering the discrimination I have experienced being an Asian, Korean-American female culminated that day and was so in my face on Jackson st. I think movement has really added progress to Seattle; a city that is relatively not diverse and surprisingly segregated but otherwise tries very hard to be progressive, inclusive, and liberal. The fundamentals of understanding women’s right may provide a basis for understand other aspect to people and ya, some of the anti-fill-in-blank-here spirit was concerning but frankly well deserved. In any case, I will personally try to persevere and promote something I believe in and put being against something very last (I’m a very good pessimist).

There were some counter protests and a lone (most likely though he could have been ironic) Trump supporter hanging out on his balcony watching the march. Once my friends and I entered the city a guy hit on me, “how you doing” and had to double take and he said again “how you doing”. I don’t don’t have a protocol for these things but maybe I should start. Whatever I come up with, its gotta be short, I have somewhere to be.

Fendi couture 2016/2017

Seems as though there is a whimsical circus theme going on with the big labels. I’ve recently been reengaged my interest in fashion and been watching a lot of runway shows and documentaries online. But I want to bring to attention how great the music in the Fendi Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016/2017 show.


Just discovered Rosie Lowe. Particularly loving this song. It’s completely singing to the current climate of politics and in effect myself. Just a bit of vulnerability on my professional site I guess… a big first HELLO!

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