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A sponsored project by Microsoft's Xbox, the prompt was to design a gaming controller for one-handed play to promote gaming in the disabled community. Given the specific game Ori and the Blind Forest to design for our group aimed for universal design and better gaming for everyone. This project followed shortly after the release of the Xbox Elite controller which successfully sold out.

Collaborators: Janet Song Kim, Kailin Yang, Kyu Han

Xbox Archer product video starring myself and Kailin Yang. Game featured is Ori and the Blind Forest.

Phase 1: Augmentation
The first task was to design for one-handed play with the current Xbox One controller. After hours of game play and testing ergonomics we created the Maude which attached from the back, clipping to the top and bottom of the Xbox  One and is played with the hand over the face of the controller. We proposed the Maude be made available for free download at the Xbox App store. This would encourage gamers to further customize their gaming experience by their own CAD buildings or mods which from our research was occurring frequently.

Phase 2: New Concept
The symmetry of the wireless Archer controller makes it easier to adapt to individual needs and is not bias towards right or left handed play. Bringing the action buttons all to the back allows for comfortable two handed positions with the index and middle fingers and one-handed with the non thumb fingers.

Phase 3: UX/UI
Switching back and forth between one-handed and two-handed play during mid game, customizing button response, and customizing button mapping are not only industrial design questions, they are also user experience and user interface problems and solutions. We also added an element of UX customization for gamers because physical disabilities can vary by person and time. The analysis portion allows gamers to identify where their strengths and weaknesses are and choose to respond by adjusting their UX or improve through game play.

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